Location-based Activities as a Value

What is a ‘smart place’? These are real-world locations where individuals frequently interact with others and their surroundings in their daily lives. These places are typically bustling hubs where people gather intentionally or coincidentally. Examples of ‘smart places’ encompass a wide range of settings, including public transportation, events, exhibitions, cafés and restaurants, offices, coworking spaces, universities, conferences, local parks, supermarkets, shopping malls, gyms, bars, clubs – well, virtually anywhere in the world that is accessible to us.

We believe that activity data within a geolocation holds significant value for businesses and other relevant parties. These activities encompass diverse contributions from users, including their needs and interests, preferences, favored local services or businesses, and real-time information about news and events at specific locations, spawning their own markets. Each ‘smart place’ represents a potential data marketplace that harnesses the value of its users’ local activities.

As a global social network, SmartPlaces embraces every ‘smart place’ in the world as an integral part. This means not only bustling local spots in small villages but also iconic landmarks in the world’s largest capitals will form important parts of the ecosystem, enabling individuals and businesses globally to participate.

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