NFT Land Plots

In the SmartPlaces ecosystem, NFT land plots not only strengthen the emerging phygital world, but also provide users a unique opportunity to own virtual representations of real-world locations.

  • Real-world representation: Each NFT land plot corresponds to a specific geographical location in the real world. This digital ownership reflects a new dimension of property rights in virtual space, closely tied to physical locales.

  • Land plot holders (aka Pioneers): Users who hold these NFT land plots are known as Pioneers. They are more than just digital asset holders; they are visionaries and key stakeholders in the SmartPlaces ecosystem. Their role extends beyond ownership; they actively participate in shaping the landscape of their respective land plots.

  • Active development of land plots: Pioneers have the capacity to shape and develop their land plots. This includes:

    • Providing useful information: Increasing the value of their land plot by offering insights, historical facts, or other relevant information about the area.

    • Onboarding new businesses: Inviting and integrating local businesses into the SmartPlaces platform, and thus creating a more dynamic and interconnected ecosystem.

    • Points of interests: Incorporating points of interest (POI) or sharing individual content to attract users to visit specific locations physically.

  • Community building and governance: Owning an NFT land plot and $SPX token empower Pioneers to actively participate in community building and decision-making processes within SmartPlaces. They contribute to governance by representing the interests of their geographic area and shaping the platform.

  • Benefiting from value creation: Pioneers receive a share of the value generated within their land plot.

    • Social activity: Rewards for earnings from data generated through user activity in their geographic area.

    • Inviting and promoting: Rewards for inviting and welcoming new users to the platform.

    • Share of generated revenues: Owners of land plot NFTs can access a separate revenue stream known as the ‘Business Provision Program’, offering participants the opportunity to receive a share of revenue generated on the land plots. This program is outlined in individual agreements with each participant.

  • Long-term engagement and appreciation: NFT land plots represent not only a novel form of digital ownership but also a potential long-term engagement opportunity. As the SmartPlaces ecosystem expands and real-world locations gain popularity and utility, the value of these plots can increase in proportion to the overall activities and engagement.

  • Sustainable and ethical development: SmartPlaces encourages Pioneers to adopt sustainable and ethical practices in developing their land plots, aligning with the platform’s commitment to social responsibility and environmental consciousness.

NFT land plots in SmartPlaces offer users a new way to engage with digital assets tied to social activities and unique geolocation-based locales. By becoming a Pioneer, users can actively contribute to the platform’s growth and mutual success, driving value creation and enjoying rewards through active participation and innovation in a phygital hybrid space.

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