Benefits for Various Stakeholder


Pioneers will be rewarded for any social interactions occurring and revenue streams generated on the virtual land plots they own, both in the real world and on the SmartPlaces map.

In the SmartPlaces app and on the map, various interactions such as posting, liking, viewing, commenting, etc., generate token rewards. Additionally, ownership of land plot NFTs introduces a separate revenue stream known as the ‘Business Provision Program’, offering participants the opportunity to generate income. This program is outlined in individual agreement with each participant. Pioneers will receive a share of all revenue generated on the land plots owned in both the real and virtual worlds.

The ‘Business Provision Program’ allows participants to capitalize on attracting individuals and businesses to join the SmartPlaces ecosystem. Another opportunity for participants is by establishing their own businesses, known as ‘SmartPlaces Local Start-up Agency’. They accomplish this by onboarding businesses onto the platform, managing their advertisements and objectives, and collaborating with the businesses to develop effective strategies. SmartPlaces will offer workshops and support on how to start and grow ‘Local Start-up Agencies’.

App user

Freemium app users can earn rewards for their activities on SmartPlaces. Interactions such as posting, commenting, liking, and purchasing earn them SmartPoints. These SmartPoints can be redeemed for various benefits, including services, exclusive access, discounts, and status upgrades. Additionally, users have the option to convert SmartPoints into $SPX utility tokens, the SmartPlaces token on Cardano. These tokens offer additional flexible usage options such as staking or converting to other cryptocurrencies besides ADA or converting into FIAT money via exchanges.

Use case example: A SmartPlaces user explores a specific land plot and leaves some likes and posts about it. After opening the app’s AR mode, the user discovers an invitation ad from the nearby French coffee shop, featuring a tempting special deal: Buy a piece of pastry, get one coffee for free. The user grabs the invite and redeems the offered coffee voucher. Delighted by the experience the user proceeds to share a recommendation and a picture of the coffee shop on the app.

Win-win-win result

  • App users will receive SmartPoints for: Posting the first message, liking other posts, grabbing the ad, and posting a recommendation about the coffee shop.

  • Pioneers will receive $SPX tokens for: Postings made and likes left as well as for the coffee shop ad grabbed by the app user. Additionally, Pioneers will earn a revenue share of the AR ad fee paid by the French coffee shop as part of the ‘Business Provision Program’.

  • Local businesses, here the French coffee shop, gain new customers and generate additional revenue.

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