Liquidity Bootstrapping Event (LBE)

The goal of a Liquidity Bootstrapping Event (LBE) is to make the token launch process fair for everyone, regardless of the size of their portfolio. This standard facilitates fair price discovery, protects the reputation of new projects, eliminates bot manipulation, prevents whales from price manipulation, and offers a wide distribution of tokens.

SmartPlaces sets aside 15% of its total token supply, and LBE participants have a fixed four-day period to supply $ADA. After this period, the $ADA from participants and the tokens from the project are merged to create the initial liquidity pool.

Alongside their SPXT/ADA LP tokens, LBE participants will also receive an NFT. This NFT will enable participants to stake their SPXT/ADA LP tokens (only applicable to those obtained during the LBE) to a Boosted Farm with additional rewards. Specifically, 99% of the rewards designated for SPXT/ADA LP will be directed towards the Boosted Farm for a minimum of two years. This allocation includes 1,350,000,000 $SPXT, equivalent to 4.5% of the total $SPXT supply, allocated as incentives. Following the LBE, there will be two ADA-SPXT farm pools: one for regular farmers and one exclusively for LBE participants.

Only LBE participants can stake into the exclusive pool up to the amount of LP they acquired during the LBE.

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