Ecosystem Overview

The SmartPlaces ecosystem comprises four pillars:

  • Mobile app

  • NFT land plots

  • ‘Connect2Earn’

  • Business integration

  • Mobile app: Utilizing geolocation and augmented reality (AR), SmartPlaces enables users to embark on a unique, gamified journey to explore and rediscover their immediate surroundings. This facilitates real-life connections with people, social institutions, businesses, and even local governments.

  • NFT land plots: Land plot holders, known as Pioneers, receive rewards based on the activities of users and businesses on their plots. They can actively promote and manage these land plots through the Pioneer backend.

  • ‘Connect2Earn’: $SPX token and SmartPoints is the blood of SmartPlaces that provides access to platform utilities and incentivizes users for engaging in social interactions, sharing data, and onboarding businesses to the ecosystem.

  • Business integration: SmartPlaces makes onboarding easy for brands, advertisers, and local businesses. It not only creates a new category of digital-out-of-home advertisement but also adds an additional AI- and AR-powered entertainment layer for users, enhancing the unique appeal of real-world locations. FIAT and cryptocurrency payment options facilitate the onboarding process for both web2 and web3 businesses, respectively.

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