Reward System

Our unique ‘Connect2Earn’ incentivization model represents a pivotal linchpin within the SmartPlaces ecosystem. Simply put, the more active users are, the greater the reward they receive.

Users will receive rewards for interacting with others in the ecosystem. These interactions not only include traditional social media activities such as status updates, posts, sending and receiving likes, shares, and comments, but also users meeting others in the real world and participating in events together.

Equally important, SmartPlaces users decide whether to share their personal activity data, which has been exploited by traditional social media for their disproportional profits. Even if SmartPlaces users choose not to share their activity data, the platform remains accessible with the minimal provision of the necessary data for running services, although users forego the option to generate rewards from this data sharing. For example, users can opt to enable (or disable) ads to be displayed in the app and receive (or decline) rewards in exchange (or lack) or their personal data.

SmartPlaces aims to disrupt the status quo of traditional social media, namely ‘If the product is free, you are the product,’ with a simple but revolutionary paradigm shift: ‘your data, your decision.’ Furthermore, the ‘Connect2Earn’ model ensures the user’s right to participate in fair, incentivized data sharing, while user-centered provision of personal data will enable businesses to offer highly relevant, client-fitting goods and services.

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