To fulfill our mission, we are progressing through various phases.

SmartPlaces Platform [done]

  • Development and launch a platform for NFT virtual land plots, including backend for Pioneers, with first minting phase

  • Developing new technological stack and infrastructure for backend and frontend, enabling multiple onboarding options through a unified system, including account creation via website and wallets

  • Integrating web2 payment options like GooglePay, ApplePay, PayPal and VISA; in addition to $ADA

  • Release of mobile-friendly, fully responsive map version

  • Release of 3D map view

  • Introducing NFT vouchers (usable also for non-crypto users)

  • Integrating hardware/cold wallet synchronization with SmartPlaces account, including Ledger and Trezor

  • Building dashboard for users displaying rewards, transaction status, and multiplier

Community [done]

  • Establishment of regular community calls (AMA) and monthly status updates

  • Genius X Multi-Token ISPO

  • Introduction of affiliate program and referral program

  • Implementation of the community airdrop game ‘Cardanopoly’

Foundation & Partners [done]

  • Founders team and building core team

  • Development of corporate and brand identity

  • Establish partnerships with entities such as SingularityNET, Axel Springer & Porsche Ventures (APX), Genius Yield, NMKR, IAMX, nucast, Ocean Protocol, advanced store, UFOstart and more

In Progress (Q1 2024)

  • Finalizing project Catalyst ‘Real-World Utility for Businesses with Location-Based NFT Incentives’

  • Introducing postings on land plot map

  • Introducing placements of virtual items such as ads and NFTs on map

  • Running airdrop campaign ‘Unleash the Spark’

  • Introducing placement of points of interest (POIs) to map

  • Staking function for token holders

  • Re-designing social media appearance and corporate design

  • Token launch

  • Continued mobile app development

Upcoming (Q2/Q3 2024)

  • Marketing campaign land plots:

    • Running a marketing campaign focusing on web2 to expand the land plot community, which is the cornerstone for a successful app launch

  • ‘Go2Market’ rollout SmartPlaces mobile app:

    • Further development and launch of the SmartPlaces app

    • Grow the app user base by running additional marketing campaigns and onboarding of further businesses within markets

    • Implementation of an orchestrated marketing and social media campaign

    • Conduction of a comprehensive testing phase

    • Soft launch in selected regions

    • Evolve mobile app based on user feedback

    • Expand into further regions

Upcoming (Q3/Q4 2024)

  • Business strategy:

    • Deploy the unlimited SmartPlaces ads marketplace with AI holo ads, AR ads and expand partner programs

    • ‘Go2Market’ rollout in select additional countries

Upcoming (2025)

  • Global market expansion:

    • Expand the global partner program

    • Promote ‘Go2Market’ rollout worldwide

    • Onboarding global and local companies

    • Establish local support hubs

    • Implement ambassador program

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